Bailey Couch
February 1, 2008, 3:54 am
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About two years ago I wrote a review Bailey’s “Fuck Yo Couch” 12-inch (which you can read here), which was without question my anthem for 2006. I love the song, the phrase, everything about it, and still do to this day. I swore Bailey would have blown the fuck up by now, but for whatever reason that hasn’t happened yet…For the record I’m still optimistic. Anyway, I got this email from the homegirl Brittnay at the old employer today regarding the review.

This is a request asking you to please change the content that comes up in google search. I am the grandmother of a six year old child named Bailey Couch, who is just learning about the computer and google search, as all people tend to do, he googled his own name, and was met with several words I don’t believe he is quite old enough to understand. I know you are proud of your work, and have the right to call it anything you want, I am not saying you don’t. I would just like to see the google search cleaned up a little.
thank you.

There is only one proper response…..FUCK YO COUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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awe man. typo my name? talk about fucking my couch up.

Comment by msnickels

who is in the wrong, you for writing the review that pops up in a google search or grammy for allowing a 6 year old to google? hmmm…

Comment by gurplady

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