Oriana Lee EP
February 15, 2008, 6:48 pm
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I’m really feeling the Farrell family approach to getting their music in the hands of listeners. It’s very similar to Radiohead, but way more grassroots, which I respect immensely. If you click the image it will lead you to a spot where you can download the Oriana Lee EP (with production by one of my personal favorites CountBass D), and if you like what you hear you have the option to leave a donation. The only problem is that if you’re like me, and keep your finances off the computer, you can’t directly ‘chip-in.’ To that I say, find a way. Enjoy.


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[…] As mentioned, I caught up with Count the other day to chop it up about an upcoming mixtape he is going to release via ChipIn, which will be in the same vein as the link I posted to his wife Oriana’s album recently. […]

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Oriana lee

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