Serengeti-Dennehy Re-Release
February 25, 2008, 11:44 pm
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As much as I try to fight the ‘rap nerd’ moniker, the fact that Serengeti’s Dennehy was my favorite album from 2006 pretty much leaves me defenseless. I first heard about dude when he released Gasoline Rainbows, which is another great but bugged out album, and ever since I’ve been a fan. He’s put out a ton of material over the span of few years, but Dennehy is by far his best. The production was clean, and lyrically…I’ve never heard a lyricist like Geti. His storytelling on this album is amazing albeit ridiculous, with an attention to detail and pop culture (most notably Chicago sports figures) that is equally incredible and comical….That was before the re-release.

Apparently the album that was released was not the real album that Geti had envisioned.  Some songs made the album that shouldn’t have, as they didn’t tie into the concept, and there were songs that didn’t make the album at all. As can you probably guess by now the re-release is the album that Geti had imagined, and you can stream it from here. Dennehy: Lights, Camera, Action will be released March 18th on iTunes, but don’t worry, I’ll remind you later.

Also, check his video “I Don’t Know” …so dope!


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