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March 21, 2008, 3:50 am
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I’ve come to grips that I’m too old understand the appeal of thugged out interpretations of classic cartoon characters.

Lil Zane is still rapping?

That shit was never hot.

Speaking of, I wish the Clipse would just stick to rapping.

What the fuck would make you think that shrink wrapping a slim case CD-R is a good idea? I wouldn’t listen to your mixtape anyway, but now I think you’re even more retarded.

Wu-Tang Latino has nothing on Thizz Latin. The fact that they couldn’t come up with a more creative or original album title than La Familia doesn’t say much for lyrical abilities. And yo, Dom Pachino couldn’t even get on a song???

Speaking of Dom, Champagne is the only alcohol I really don’t like…Not to say I won’t don’t drink it all day from time to time, but if they had a bottomless Jameson Brunch I would much rather get lit that way.

And speaking of being drunk, I kept saying to myself I need to do more drunk blogging…and then I wrote that Little Brother joint below and sounded like a putz. But it made me listen to Getback a lot; that album is under appreciated.

Thanks to Serato, my local record stores have been flooded with tons of gems from the 90’s for a dollar. As I walk out that much more broke and emotionally attached to more stuff, I start thinking that I really need to start preparing myself for when it will really go down and buy some guns.

Coming soon: Real Life Stories of Substitute Teacher.


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