C Rayz Walz Drops Jewels
March 29, 2008, 8:19 pm
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When C Rayz talks, I listen. This is taken from his latest blog entry book of life.

“In order to win, you must develop anInvincible spirit.

It is one thing to feel confident and feel happy when your health is good, your bills are paid, and your relationships are solid. However, to have the same feeling of purpose and Invincibility when you are facing obstacles or turmoil is entirely a different matter.

First, you must realize you do have the capacity to deal with adversity. It is simply a matter of tapping into the positive energy that surrounds you, rather than letting negative energy overcome you.

Next, you must realize that negative energy is both produced by circumstances and by people. Just like bad luck or (Karma) is negatively charged, there are negatively charged people, and sometimes in order to move closer to your dreams you have to eliminate these people from your life.

Negatively charged people are easy to spot, they allow events to control their lives. Positively charged people, on the other hand, remain in control of their lives no matter what life throws at them. Negatively charged people are the ones who always tell you & others what you can’t do, and discourage you from even trying. Positively
charged people help you get the things you want and encourage you to get them.

However, if you truly want to develop an
Invincible Spirit, you must make sure you are positively charged yourself!

Good things happen to positively charged people. Positively charged people see opportunities where others see only problems. Like water, they find a way around any obstacle in their path.

Remember, the biggest difference between positively charged people and negatively charged people is…positively charged people believe they can, and negatively charged people know they can’t.

This Balance is Perfect for the doers and the don’ters we need both for the partnership of Life and Death.

I will write more blogs and many more Jewels in the upcoming months.

Operation FREE-RAYZ WALZ in Full Effect as Soon as iCon The Mic King finishes the web site.

Stay Vertical Rock-it Launchers”


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