?uestlove on E-40 and Ghostface
April 11, 2008, 12:53 pm
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I just finished up a piece on The Roots for the next issue of Vapors, and was lucky enough to chop it up with ?uestlove for long enough to fill up the majority of a Maxell. It’s the second time I’ve interviewed him, and each time I hang up the phone in amazement. Dude just talks, you don’t even need to ask questions. He shared tons of stories and anecdotes in our latest conversation, and instead of giving them all away at once I’m gonna be sliding them in hopefully a couple times a week until the Rising Down drops on April 29th.

For the first installment I asked ?uest his favorite albums by two of my favorites, E-40 and Ghostface.

E-40: Actually, the shit with “Sprinkle Me” on it. It came out in like 1998, In A Major Way. We had a promo dude whenever we did our West Coast runs, and all he played was The Nonce and E-40, and just shit we weren’t up on. He put us up on everything, like the Hiero vs. Hobo Junction battle which was just wow, that was an amazing night in hip-hop.

Ghostface: You know, cause I always gotta be that contrary guy, but the original version of Bulletproof Wallets. I like the original version better than Supreme Clientele. It’s a shame that Epic didn’t fight for it; six samples got denied so four songs got dropped, and three songs got re-did, and that’s what we were left with, which kinda left a stale taste in the mouth. One of the joints was the craziest shit ever, “The Sun.” But yeah, the original version of Bulletproof Wallets is killing Supreme Clientele. That record damn near started the Okay Player record review section. I heard that shit and stayed up till 7 AM writing a record review and I gave that shit 4 1/5 afro picks. It’s an incredible record.

It only gets better from here. Bet.


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In A Major Way is a CLASSIC west coast album from what I consider the golden era of Bay Area hip hop.
I’m not from the Bay but I’m a big fan of what we call Mob Music. Another classic album from this era is Loaded by Brotha Lynch Hung. It’s some super west coast gangsta shit! He does at the production his self. Also, check for Cbo, Killa Tay and Ray Luv..
If your a 2pac fan and like some of the harder stuff he did…this is where he got it from.

Comment by RedBellyRadio

i wonder what promoter he’s talking about cause we had that account [geffen] back in the day.

and all we played at the time was 40 etc

Comment by mere

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