The Grouch
May 11, 2008, 4:42 pm
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This is the first of many 5 Shot interviews to come. As the title indicates, we have The Grouch to kick things off in support of his latest album Show You The World. I reference this song “Artsy,” which I believe is the lead single, so you may want to check that (I personally like this remix better). Actually, if you check his Myspace page you can hear a couple of the other songs referenced in the interview, plus a bunch of other stuff so open another tab and listen to the music while you read the words from the man himself.

You feature your daughter on the cover of Show You The World. How much and in what areas has having a kid affected your approach to your music? Will you encourage her to listen to your music?
Having my daughter has inspired me tremendously. She loves music. I’ve recorded a few things that I’ve released that I recorded while holding her in the vocal booth. She gives me a new creative energy. Thinking of her encourages me to make more positive music. I don’t want to have to explain to her why I said something ignorant in my lyrics. As far as listening, she already sits in the car and plays back seat DJ. She literally will be like, “I wanna listen to Joss Stone” or, “I wanna listen to Daddy”. I’ll put a song on adn she’ll go, “no, not that one” and we’ll cycle through tracks until we get to what she wants to hear. She sings Artsy, Never Die and Kanye’s songs.

Was there a specific incident that sparked “Artsy” or is it just a culmination of observations over the years? Have you had to deal with fans who might have gotten their feelings hurt?

It pretty much came from watching people in all different scenes. Weather you’re a rapper, health nut, fashion dude, actor, painter, etc. I feel there’s always a group of people who feel like they’re the cream of the crop within any given sub-culture if you will. I just chose the word (or not a word) “Artsier” because I knew it would stick out. You could almost replace it with cooler, better or smarter. The song is very sarcastic. It’s a joke people! Just making fun of the situation. Some people can’t see the humor in it. I pretty much do at least half of the stuff I’m clowning on myself.

“Watch, Watch” is another one of my favorite joints. How did you hook up with Mike Marshall, and for those unaware can you describe him and his legacy in the Bay?
Mike Marshall has been around for a minute. He sang “Rumors” which was the late 80’s hit by Timex Social Club. That was big. As far as “The Bay” legacy goes, he’s most well know for singing the chorus to The Luniz “I Got Five On it”. I was very excited to have him on my album. He actually contacted me when he was recording his last album Beats, Rhymes and Life. Eligh and I did a cut with him on that and he returned the favor. Currently we’re working with him for the new Grouch and Eligh album due early next year.

You have a line where you say, “What was underground inventive, now is just in fashion, adjust your passion.” Can you elaborate more on that line and explain what you meant?

It mainly means stay on your toes and don’t get too comfortable. What was amazing in 99′ is just the norm now. You have to “re invent” to stay fresh and on top. Doing an ollie a foot high in the late 80’s was amazing but now you gotta jump over cars and dumpsters and shit on your skateboard.

Last one, what’s your favorite Murs album and why?

F’Real, because we really said anything back then. It takes me back to when we all lived in a wharehouse together. It was really raw. I will say that we’ve all come further than that though, and that his new material is much more polished and he’s a better rapper now. I thought both his projects with 9th Wonder were dope.

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