Fat Ray
May 19, 2008, 4:52 pm
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As promised, here is a quick interview with Fat Ray who’s latest album The Set Up with Black Milk is still getting burn in my stereo. I’ll admit, the following isn’t the most riveting interview…I guess dude saves his words and creativity for the microphone. Follow the jump, and check the album. Extra special thanks to my Audible Treats family and Nora the intern newest Audible Treats employee.

In terms of lyricists who are your biggest inspirations and why?
Tupac one of my favorite writers, because of his political standpoints. I feel like he feels about a lot of social issues. As far as Energy and stage show goes I’m going with Busta; the energy he brings to the stage is unmatchable. And then as far as public figure I’d sayd Ice Cube. Just him being a representative of Hip-Hop, with his crossover success and being able to direct movies, and also him being a model for entrepreneurs in the music industry.

What’s your favorite verse on The Set Up?
My verse on “Take Control” I feel like I got a chance to really get the way I was feeling
at the time off my chest. It added to what the song was about. I freestyled that verse. It was the way it felt at the time and it came out right. It took a side out of me I didn’t know I was
feeling until I got it out.

Is there a comparable gift to a CD full of Black Milk beats?
One million dollars. Working with Black was a priceless experience. There is no dollar I could put on collectively to get my point across with Black Milk.

What was a typical studio session like?
Black had cooked up most of the beats and had his verses together before we went into the studio. The sessions were approval based, I took a couple cats in the studio, some fresh ears, something good to eat didn’t hurt. Having Jeff-Ro and Tommy from Studio One around. Average session was lots of jokes, a good time, and good food. One of the better recording processes I’ve had ever had.

And to completely switch it up, what’s your favorite Ice Cube album?
Kill At Will. I feel like the hunger that Ice Cube had was obvious. You can tell how
serious he was about what he was doing, and he was speaking out on a lot of
stuff he felt he could change. It really made an impact on the way people saw
different social issues. Mom didn’t want you to have because it was so politically charged.


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