Slick Rick
June 1, 2008, 7:51 pm
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It goes down for real. Hit me with some questions in the comments.

**Interview was dope as fuck. I’m about to start transcribing so I’ll have something by up 3.**


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Ask him how he got into it. Like: Who was the first rapper you ever heard? What rapper(s) was he inspired by to get into the rap thang? Nobody ever asks him about his influences. Where did he first see hip-hop? Did he go to Herc/Bam/Brothers Disco/L Brothers/DJ Hollywood/etc. parties or was it something else.

Also ask him about the style he does were he makes animals or inanimate objects jealous of him or pay respect to him. Like on “Me and Nas Bring It to’em Hardest” where he says: “Son, Sony talkin Japanese
with mice like, “Whattup Rick? You can have my cheese kid”
I am such a heavy hitter
even chandalier jealous off the patch ice glitter”
That shit is so nice. Ask him if he ever heard another rapper do that or if he came up with it on his own. Here’s an even better example from “I Own America” Pt.1: “He’s so crazy — I smash rippin up the place
Give the mack a taste — I wipe my ass with a rapper face
Cars come to a dead stop
Rain find ways not to drop on my headtop”

Naw mean, also ask him if this actually happened from “Lick the Balls” off his first album:
Excuse me, I’m trying to earn a mere buck or two
A solemn rapper come in — and who the fuck are you?
Around this part of town with diamonds and your girl in fur
“I’m trying to enter in this rap contest you’re havin sir”
You’re kinda late “Flat tire” Well that’d do occur
Well alright, pay me now, and you’ll be after her

Like did he ever get a flat tire on the way to contest where he battled a girl?
And if it is not true, why did he feel the need to bring out that kind of situation what was he trying to evoke?
Bottomline: ask him about his lyrics, that’s what he does, and no one ever asks

Comment by LUKE SICK

ask him if he’s missing a white on white paisley silk scarf. i may or may not have it on my night stand…..

Comment by miss booty doo

what about in fade to black where he don’s ghost with his chain. what sparked that. is ghost the only one? anyone else in that elite company?

Comment by Patrick The Alchemist

good one P the A

Comment by LUKE SICK

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