Slick Rick Pt. 1
June 3, 2008, 2:08 pm
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I still can’t believe this one went down. Much thanks to Bill Adler and Mandy Aragones. The full feature will be for the cover of Submerge Magazine, which will hit the streets next Monday. We talked for over an hour so there will be plenty to share, but in the meantime here is an excerpt.

**I added some extra parts from the original post, so consider this first post a track by track overview some of less talked about jewels off The Great Adventures Of Slick Rick.**

I know there was controversy around “Treat Her Like A Prostitute,” when it first dropped. Did you anticipate that or was it a shock to you when it came about?
Well at that age, you’re not trying to ruffle any feathers you’re just trying to have fun. It’s the adults that come in and try to play the role. As a child you’re just writing raps to entertain your age group and your audience. “Treat Her Like A Prostitute” was really just a goof on relationships…you know coming in and finding the mailman’s pants, that stuff is humorous, it’s not critics to come in and dissect and all this other junk. Anyway, regardless at that time, that’s how a younger adolescent was looking at life. It wasn’t saying treat women like a prostitute in the harsh sense of the word, it was really to say when you’re with your chick make sure you’re sexually satisfied before you’re spoiling her because…I don’t know how to break it down, but that’s what I was thinking. As you grow up and get older, you realize those words were kinda harsh. You don’t want to hurt nobodies feelings; you got a mother and a sister too. But everyone forgets the second line, “don’t treat no girl well until you’re sure of the scoop.” Most people run with the first line; oh, he’s just using women and throwing them in the garbage…I don’t want him as no son-in-law. But the second line, “don’t treat no girl well until you’re sure of the scoop”; scoop means information right? What’s the information on this girl that you’re with? Is she out to use you? Is she genuine? Is she sincere What’s her record? Is she just after you’re dough, or is she gonna talk to your friends later? Those were just cute stories to prove my point.

Another one my homie wanted to ask you about was “Lick The Balls” where you get a flat tire on the way to a battle with a female dressed in furs. Was any of that based on truth?
Nah, it was just another way to give people a visual picture. Sayin oh you just barely made it, and whatever. From my point of view, it’s good to see how you viewed life at different ages in Hip-Hop form. Just like “Treat Her Like A Prostitute,” looking back at it as a 43 year old you realize it’s kinda harsh to say it, but it was fun at the time.

Another one I wanted to talk about was “Indian Girl,” and why you chose Davey Crocket as the context for that story?
At that time, Davey Crockett and that type of shit was still on TV. That’s where you get the idea, you watch TV and see shit. (sings the theme song) You know what I’m saying, you know those hunter guys in the woods with those racoon hats on. And what was he doing with that gun and the racoon hat? There were Indian girls around, right? So, I’m assuming if I play Davey Crockett and you got the Indians, and we’re all friends and happy and shit, and the Chief’s daughter looks attractive… That’s the kind of shit kids talk about. I think that’s why kids are so youthful and energized because they’re still excited about sex and life. But that was my story of being Davey Crockett, and meeting an Indian Girl and her father, and then the funny shit with the crabs and spears and Indian drums.

And was that you chanting on the end?

Both parts?


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Great interview. I love that you asked specific questions about “Indian Girl”.

Comment by AaronM

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