Z-Man and DNAE-Shuddup
June 6, 2008, 8:09 am
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The homie Z-Man has about six projects he’s working on, and it’s always been a question of which will come out first. Now that One Block Radius went FEDERAL, it’s looking like his Six Pack Of Dynamite collaboration with DNAE Beats will be the first out the gate. The album is going to be released through Machete Vox, which is the best label you’ve never heard of yet, and while a solid date isn’t set a label sampler entitled Sneak Preview will be out shortly to hip you J cats to the game. Below you’ll find the first leaked track, “Shuddup.” All I gotta say is follow every word, cause Z doesn’t waste one. Shit’s a banger, can’t wait to hear more.

Z-Man w/DNAE Beats-Shuddup


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Comment by Cizzler minus the Salad Bar

Yeah Rellie!!!! Good looking out on the support, we need it!

Comment by Boac

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