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June 11, 2008, 2:48 pm
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I don’t give a fuck what anyone says, Frank N Dank make hot records, and I never use that word but it’s the truth. People make their little sly comments, but all that shit is dead this summer, as my dude Frank Nitt has quietly dropped one of the nicest EP’s I’ve heard in a long time. The Concert Hall EP runs 5 cuts deep, and will only run you about 5 bucks on iTunes, but is worth every dollar. Each track is different, and folks will be pleasantly surprised with Nitt’s evolution as MC. Not to say it ain’t about phat asses anymore, there’s that, but dude takes the album in five different directions.

While the man himself is overseas for the next couple months stacking pounds and generally making shit crack, he took time out to answer some questions about the EP. Follow the jump for his responses and a download of “Automatic” off the EP.

Can you give a little background on The Concert Hall EP: Where it was recorded, who produced it, where the idea came about and all that?

The ep was recorded in the d @ Young RJ’s studio, it was all produced by Young RJ and Craig Lane(Slum Village, Lloyd Banks, Young Buck, Dwele)… Rj was also nominated for a Grammy. But we were actually in the studio working on tracks for other artists and companies and also things within the family, (look out for that new Slum Village record and also The Recipe by Young RJ and Rapper Big Pooh…gotta get my plug on)…anyway while we we’re doing that, RJ was like Frank while your here let’s do some shit and I was like bet! So we discussed creating a sound that was different from what people had heard from either one of us thus far and we decieded to make music that was suited for large places…. concert halls and eventually stadiums.

These verses are some of your best to date, do you feel that way? and is there a reason/explanation for that?

I think on the rhymes it’s just growth, Frank N Dank’s first piece of vinyl came out 10 years ago so I’ve been at it a minute, and of course being the boss of your ship makes for a lot more freedom, so that means musically I could do what I wanted and that opens you up al ot. I’m blessed man. Digipop is mine, The Concert Hall EP came out on Digipop, my label, and the vibe amongst the people involved is good so I think that plays a part as well!

What’s your favorite song on the album and why?

My favorite song on the album would be the “N Word”…I think it’s a very smart record, and anyone who listens can get it and know their place..I also think that people with their ears and minds closed will think I’m just some young dumb nigga sayin nigga… the whole EP is dope though. It’s almost like I’m listening to someone else, it’s so new musically, it’s nothing like what people are used to from me

Are we going to see more solo work? Where do you see things going from here?

Fasho you’re gonna see more music ,The Concert Hall is an ep for a reason. Like I said our main goal was to create a sound, something that felt how music felt during the 80’s when you could see Hip-Hop concerts in stadiums! The full lenth record will be called Stadium Music, thus The Concert Hall is basically a smaller version of a stadium…The Concert Hall is like an introduction to this new sound and my new vibe as far as content, and also some things so people will get familiar with me and will find familiar! You can’t just bring in a whole bunch of new shit all willy nilly u gotta coordinate!

I always end these interviews asking a persons favorite album or song by an artist, and it seems fitting to ask you about Dilla. Do you have a favorite album his name was attached to, and do you have a favorite song that he produced.

It’s a toss between Dillas’ MCA lp that some dickhead just leaked and Like Water For Chocolate…. Both of those records symbolize a special time in our careers, but also in our friendship…and they we’re really dope musically… Big shout to Common

Go cop The Concert Hall EP, and as a sample of the dopeness, “Automatic.”


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