Everyday Is Like A Video Shoot…
June 16, 2008, 2:26 pm
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Last Friday I got a text from the homie Mugzi of The Mossie and also CEO of 30/30 Records, about a video shoot for “How I Live” off the Sick Wid It Umbrella comp that came out in April. I missed the first part, but made it out for the evening shoot up in the Vacaville Hills. I drank a fifth of Tequilla last night so my brain isn’t quite functioning, so I’ll make it easy and just give a rundown of the highlights.

*The pool had an island with a putting green on it, not to mention a groto and bar.

*Nump was in the building (approriately equipped with two stacks) and schooled me on the ratio of video freaks (“It’s about quality, not quantity…You just need one bad chick.”)

*Tap Dat Ass, also of The Mossie, was holding it down, passing your boy a nicely rolled L with its tip stuffed into finger sized hollowed out bone. I’d never smoked out of a bone before.

*I predicted to see these two girls from High School there…they came, and we didn’t acknowledge each other.

*The lambo, Escalades and choppers were not rented. BEELEDAT.

*Mugzi drinks BV Coastal Merlot.

It was a last minute thing and I didn’t have my camera on hand, but there is a good chance I’ll be out there this Friday for the second round of shooting, in which case I’ll have some video for you. Enjoy the song below…it’s pretty fucking real dope.

Mugzi and B Slimm-How I Live


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holler atcha girl. 🙂

Comment by amanda

g’yea but did you slide Mugz that Motel Crew demo?

Comment by LUKE SICK

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