Tales From The Crates
July 21, 2008, 8:50 am
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Champagne brunch and record digging go together like getting high and record playing.

Drunk in the crates this weekend, I befriended a silver haired lady in her mid 50’s. We started talking when I accidentally thumbed through her stack. I only got half way through before she let me know, but she easily had $100 already pulled aside. I’d never seen a woman like her looking for records, and to top it off she had a printed out list. One thing led to another, and she started telling me about her good friend Bruce Steinberg who had just passed away who was a photographer/graphic designer and designed album covers, and that she was going back and collecting all the records he contributed to (you can check dudes track record here). She went on to tell me he did all the Tower Of Power albums, down to cats like Elvin Bishop, the Doobie Brothers and even the Jefferson Airplane cover with the flying toasters (which apparently he received a nice check from when Apple used the design for one of their original screen savers). She told me how growing up in San Francisco during the early 60’s Bruce got his first gig thanks to a then unknown Janis Joplin who had referred Bruce.

Conversation switched to how she met Bruce, and if my interest wasn’t already piqued, she told me that she was married to the original Tower of Power singer, Rick Stevens. From there she told me this story (third paragraph down).

Not at all how I expected my trip to the Antique Mall to go.

She was without question the coolest person I’ve come across on the record prowl. Incredibly nice and soft spoken she shared stories of her friends, and in turn chunks of music history, in a way that seemed therapeutic for her. Her knowledge was welcomed and inspiring, and turned out to be an encounter I will never forget.


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Great story. You never know where you’ll end up (physically and mentally) when you go out in search of records.

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