(Champ) Bailey
July 31, 2008, 4:24 pm
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A couple years back when Bailey dropped “Fuck Yo Couch” you couldn’t have told me that he wasn’t the next dude to blow up out of the Bay. So much so in fact I drove 3 hours to see him play at Sweet Jimmy’s in Oakland, only to have him come out at 1:30 and play 2 songs. That show kinda foreshadowed what was to follow. He dropped Champ Bailey and released the video for “U C It” and that’s pretty much all we’ve heard from him (minus label drama, but what musician doesn’t have that right now) in 2 years. Amidst all the irrelevance on Siccness, I found this chunk of pyrite…

“Latest Street Album from Bailey…Just Listen. He will be throwing up a few songs on his myspace page this friday the 6th. The C.D. features singles “Work the Magic” and “I Got Bands” along with other unreleased heat Produced by Major League (CityboyzMuzik in house producer). Bailey would like to say Thanks to all those for being patient and especially those for sleeping on him, now living in Atlanta to get his southern buzz up, so hopefully before next year his label CityboyzMuzik/J Records will not be scared to put out a single due to troubling times in the music industry.”

To the four people who care this is great/interesting news. ATL???


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chasing dreams son….chasing dreams….

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