Ghostface-“Whip You With A Strap”
August 1, 2008, 3:41 pm
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Ghostface performing “Whip You With A Strap.” Damn, it looked a lot cleaner when I was editing.

This was filmed last night, July 31st at the Colonial Theater in Sacramento. Ghost ripped shit, but outside of the music Ghost bringing Sick-Wid-It’s Doey Rock on stage and saying it’s family was the highlight…One step closer to hearing Ghost and 40 on a track. Say that wouldn’t be the illest shit you ever heard.

I got some other video but a lot of them got messed up from flailing arms.


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next time put a cbox up :)) sorry for disturbing , just wanted to let you know that someone will drop the madness!

Comment by Krayzee Funksta

Word mayne, that’s the dopeness. And yeah, a Ghostface / E-40 track would be fresh as fuck. But how was Doey Rock? I’m kinda feeling his style, and “Bring Back Double” with E-40 is the joint.

Comment by maxonemillion

that is very nice..i member when i was BAD..doey rock all season..good shit pimpin..holla

Comment by bigsammy

nice job. apparently not being wasted is the key to great video. but flailing arms can add a certain, je ne sais quoi to show footage 😉

Comment by firstlady

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