August 8, 2008, 1:25 pm
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To cap off 98 Week at the SmokingSection the whole crew got together and individually tackled a song off Aquemini. It all came out real dope (ask Miss Info), so if you got a second go check that shiiiiiiiiiiit.

I originally wrote an essay on my track “Synthesizer” so if you are dying to read more about one song, follow the jump.

Also, my apologies for the lack of writing this week. I’m heading off to LA next week for 7 days so I’ve been on my grizzly trying to get things in line. Needless to say it’s about to get ill.

If there could ever be another, Oukast would undoubtedly be the suitors to the Parliament-Funkadelic throne.

This track was tailor-made for George Clinton. Sonically and conceptually “Synthesizer” is the ultimate nod to Parliament-Funkadelic, laced with a heavy body moving funk, and a murky manifesto of the present state of affairs with many revelations still relevant a decade later. Jewels to anchor the mind while you let the music set it afloat. Like only Dre and Big Boi could and would, they tapped into the true essence of Parliament-Funkadleic and to no surprise crafted a banger.

From the initial 808 kick, snare combo and preceding rapidfire drum roll you’re already struck and stuck. The undercurrent of synths sweep you away while a digitized 3000 foreshadows the next four and half minutes advising, “Life is made of half illusion, 40% confusion/Whatever’s left I’m using to keep my self from losing, Yea!/You don’t know what I’ve been through/Hell I might go through you.”

While Andre takes aim at multiple topics, Big Boi unloads on a more specific target. Picking
up where “Return Of The G” left off, but with Big Boi shedding the cool flow for a more fiery one, “Synthesizer” further buries the hatchet with unrelenting truths. “You want me to lollygag and talk that bullshit/I refuse to play so I’m gone speak that Southern good shit/That’s harder than your hood shit.“ With each line he expands the puncture wound, and finalizes it with the declaration, “We OuKast til it’s over, barbeque and never mildo/For real bro.”

George Clinton takes the track to a new level with a technological thesis of abstractions. No one interpretation is accurate, so digest it in it’s entirety.
“Conceived under the influence of toxic wasted doctors/Computer bugging and debugging devices and versa various viruses/Performing with laser light precision and verbal incision/For a linguistic ballistic lobotomy min fucking you of psycho sodomy/Of the medulla oblongata exit your mind down your and out your behind,” and capping it all off with a subtle “Fuck you.”

By the time Andre steps in the listener has already been whisked from Earth to a new dimension, and his arrival is like a return back to humanity but enriched from the cosmic journey. Equally vengeful and charged with technical observations….

(and this is when I realized they only wanted 3-4 sentences, but I think you get the point)


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