Z-Man and G Pek-Don’t Forget To Brag
September 9, 2008, 4:51 pm
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They’re both very good friends of mine, but there is no bias in saying that Z-Man and G Pek’s Don’t Forget To Brag is a dope album. It’s a fact. The album has been out for about two years now on a very limited pressing, but just became available on iTunes today. Check the songs on their Myspace page and if you like what you hear peep the iTunes link.

Maybe we can get some testimonials in the comments section….


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I would like to testify to the statements made in this article. They are completely true, no bias at all. Not only do Mr. Gregory’s granular sounds grab the listener and pull them into world sweeter than Boones Farm, but Mr. Zamon has and ode to the truth that illustrates his figments and transplants them into your mind.

Comment by the dude

Hallelujah. Amen. Z-Mainey and Pek bring the heat on this little-known yet widely-loved instant classic. Cop that shit. Now.

Comment by maxonemillion

Thanks to this album… myself and those like me across the globe have united for one common cause that remains a universal law and cure for those with memory malfunctions…..


Comment by Cizzler

UNDERGROUND CLASSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Big Tone RWK

this cd make me wanna go and fuck shit up around my hood while smoking on grapes and sipping on some rossi with hubba rocks floating in it. it makes me feel good..its fresh..chill

Comment by bigsammy

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