Did You Get The Memo?
September 17, 2008, 10:14 am
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I know someone who works at a Northern California police station, and forwarded me this memo from the Lieutenant asking if I knew anything about it. The email was entitled “Sounds Like Witches’ Brew,” which I can’t make any sense of, and was sent to her yesterday. Aside from the comedic factor, I think it’s a very interesting look into the profiling of Rap music, and how it is a perceived.

Hello Everyone,
I was recently doing some research on several Hip-Hop groups that are trying to have a concert in Vacaville in November when I learned something new. Maybe some of you have heard of this but I think it is kind of new.

There is a movement in the hip-hop culture called Hyphy that originated near here in SF with music artist E40 and some others. The hyphy movement has been characterized as “dancing dumb” or drunk and maybe for good reason. There is an entire culture of “acting” dumb or intoxication associated with this behavior.  The dumb maybe just an act but the intoxication part comes primarily from alcohol, marijuana and now a new concoction on the streets that is called “drank”, “sippin”, sizzurp”, “purple drank”, “barre” and probably another dozen terms. It is made out of cough syrup with codeine or promethazine, a carbonated drink like Full Throttle, Sprit, 7-Up and Jolly Rancher candies. The drink will not necessarily have an alcoholic smell. Some of the products that contain promethazine are allergy drugs, cough and runny nose medications. Codeine products are better known as cough suppressants and pain relievers. I have been told that some use Nyquil or Robitussin because they get similar results without having to have a prescription.

I have attached a couple sites that have references to these two drugs and the symptoms for influence and overdose.

Be aware of the DUI and 647 F issues surrounding this trend. It may change the way you collect evidence, interview and testify in court. It could also be a public safety issue for those individuals under the influence which may well be minors or young adults. Finally, officer safety should always be considered in our responses to individuals abusing the mixture of these household items.

…They might be taping.


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Just read this and then saw the below article on msn:

Judge rules saggy pants law unconstitutional


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