Outta Here, KRS One Edition
October 8, 2008, 8:02 am
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This post was inspired by Unkut uprooting an alternate version to KRS-One’s “Outta Here.” That, and everything else is fucking wack.

“Mavericks”, thank you Tina Fey for burying it, or should I thank Sarah Palin for abusing it? All in the same I suppose. Next one ripe for a murking; “my friends.” Between that and the not shaking the hand shit…outta here.

Vh1’s top 100 Hip-Hop songs: I knew this one would anger me, but “T.R.O.Y.” as fucking 90??? (without question in my top 5) and not one Too $hort song when the only reason you’re doing this fucking list is promote a show to honor him!?!? Shit, G Rap didn’t even make the list. Outta here.

AIG gladly took the bailout money, and took themselves outta here.

Eddie Def prophesied this in the 2001 documentary Scratch; the DJ video game. Fuck outta here.

14 seconds and you’re outta here, and by who?

Don’t get it twisted, I jock Large Professor too, but man, that dude’s hooks and choruses from “blaze lyrics, blaze rhymes” to this…outta here.

That Latarian Milton shit, yeah we still on it!!! My man is trying to put a fresh ice cube tray in the freezer, Kelly Dunn get outta here!!!

Confiscating a knife from a second grader in class…real talk…that shit is outta here.


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Man I liked baby got back as much as the next dude, but number 18? Really? And of all the dope Outkast songs, they chose B.O.B? Wake the fuck up VH1! You been watchin too many white rapper shows.

Comment by Bocephus

and then you made the second grader cry…

Comment by diane

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