November 27, 2008, 10:30 am
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To whom it may concern. I’ll be damned, it’s noon and already 10 texts deep. $1.50.

I don’t like repeating myself. I really really don’t. I only do that when a first attempt at sending a message doesn’t go through…you know, like when you attempt to send a text message to somebody and it fails so you resend. While we’re on the subject…let’s stay there.

Last Christmas I informed everybody of my frustration with these %$%$!!  mass text messages. They’re like mass emails (like this one) but 9 times out of 10 they’re trite, arbitrary, bland and cost money. OK, some of you have free text messaging on your phones. Well, I still have a cassette walkman and was evil the day auto makers stopped putting tape players in cars – I had to burn all my music on CD’s which took over a year including that real nice Ice-T album that had bonus cuts only on the tape- so I obviously don’t give a %^$* about the latest technology. Don’t give me that Blackberry/Bluetooth sh*t either unless your name is in Forbes Magazine. I don’t do none of that sh*t and those that know me know that I DON”T HAVE FREE TEXT MESSAGING ON MY CEL PHONE PLAN. EVERY TEXT MESSAGE COSTS ME 15 CENTS TO SEND AND RECEIVE. Don’t get me wrong, if you want to wish me a happy holiday then say “Yo Jay, Happy Holidays” in the text. That’s fine and I appreciate the thought. Or pick up the *%#!%! phone and call me. If you’re so hi tech you must have a lotta minutes on your iphone or whatever that sh*t is. E-Mail me, it’s free! But this mass text message sh*t gotta stop and I mean right mutha%#!*&% now. Especially in this economy.  Between Thanksgiving and New Years, I get an average of 40 “Happy/Merry whatever the &%$#” text messages. And half of these jokers that send them are loose music biz affiliates that I never bothered to save their number but they apparently kept every number they ever got and mass text these one liner greetings and I have no idea who the %@!* they are (take me off your event list too, especially if I don’t live in the same state as you). When I them call back to invoice them for my 15 cents, they don’t pick up the $&#*!* phone!  Lets do some arithmetic…

40 Text Messages @ $0.15 cents each =  $6.00

Half of these texts are from people whose numbers aren’t saved in my phone, so I have to call them back to see who it is and cuss them out. 90% go to robot voicemail. 90% of these texts are during peak hours, so I get charged for approximately 18 one minute calls before 9PM trying to get reimbursed my 15 cents. I have 600 anytime and free nights and weekends on my plan. I usually use about 587 minutes in the winter months (I like to leave a lil room so I don’t get charged $1.25 per minute for going over 600). Therefore, I run a risk of going over my anytime minutes by about 5 minutes.

5 minutes @ $1.25 per minute = $6.25

Taxes and fees are about $0.75

$6.00 + $6.25 + $0.75 = $13.00

That’s $13.00 pointlessly spent for no %*&!% reason at all. Simply for having a cel phone and being a victim of pointless text dreck. They just pile up like L blocks in a game of Tetris when Christmas rolls around.  If I up my plan, that’s another $10 a month…$120 for the year. $140 including taxes and surcharges.  I can hear y’all talkin’ sh*t about me right now. “Yo man J-Zone is mad cheap, he’s pitchin a b**ch over $13.” OK,  I’m cheap, so what? Go head and talk that sh*t. But if you walked into White Castle and the cashier asked you for $13 but you didn’t ask to buy food, would you just give it to him/her simply because you were in there? Let that marinate for a second…and in the meantime here is a list of things I can do with $13…

– Get a shape-up (or a full haircut if I see my man Jay-Mee) and have $3 left over for a new toothbrush…the good kind with the bristles that reach deep in the gums and massage them.

– Fill half my tank with Mobil 87 gas (since prices went back down).

– Buy 2 bags of Asian Style Chicken Breasts at Trader Joes (with some money left over if I get lighter bags).

– A 6 pack of Adidas Moisture Wicking Athletic Crew Socks at Marshalls.

– A sealed copy of Pimps Up, Hoes Down on DVD via amazon.com including shipping.

– 31 stamps and only having to come out of pocket $0.02.

Hopefully sending this message out early in the holiday season thwarts some of this text message crap and I can save some money and save you the impending headache of me bossing up on you for my $0.15…because I swear on a stack of James Brown 45’s I’m not even kidding, I’m dead a$$ serious. If you strike on all 3 holidays, that’s $0.45.  Learn to contact people directly when you think of them. Yeah it takes time, but it was never a problem before text messaging. E-mail me (it’s free!!!!), get at me personally or remove me off your text list because your tab is running and ye$ I will be paid, I will be paid.

Feel free to paypal me $13 at this e-mail address tomorrow…or order a Chief Chinchilla: Live @ The Liqua Sto CD from me…it’s the same price. That’s black Friday for your mutha f%$#!* a$$…the day I get reimbursed for ya’ll getting greedy with your phone features…

If this doesn’t apply to you, enjoy your day…

Ho Ho Ho



“They Say Eaaaaaaaaaaarl”
November 25, 2008, 6:58 pm
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Vodpod videos no longer available.

I am glad to say that I was wrong. The Ball Street Journal is another banger, maintaining the winning streak at 14 albums. I’ll still tell you that “Wake It Up,” and “Give Her The Keys,” are wack as fuck, but the albums got so many heaters it makes up for the bullshit that wasn’t made for me to like in the first place. My annual “40 is the best rapper to do it” campaign has kicked off again, so go over to the SmokingSection and check it out. To quote the funniest motherfucker with an Internet alias, the always evolving Teef (now going as ‘Teef Murray aka The Most Beautifulest Thing In This World (Is My Daughter) comments, “mad props to Mr. Corey Bloom for consistently declaring his unwavering allegiance to E-Feezy, lol”

No shame.

Kraftwerk Takes Hit
November 24, 2008, 7:38 am
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“Germany’s highest civil court has dealt legendary electronic band Kraftwerk a blow in ruling that sampling music does not in principle violate copyright.”

November 19, 2008, 6:35 pm
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I don’t mean to hi-jack a post, but this shit caught me off guard. At first, I saw this…

And then this…

Dude absolutely kills it.

Props to Strictly Beats for putting me up on game. Peep the site, and download some Ronald Jenkees originals.

187 Radio Tribute To Khayree, Sam Bostic, Mike Mosley and E-A-Ski & CMT
November 18, 2008, 5:59 pm
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It is almost two years ago to the day that I conducted one of my favorite interviews, with one of my favorite producers (and I mean that in the truest musical sense) ever, Khayree. For a bunch of different reasons the piece has never been published, but I still haven’t given up hope. Over the years I’ve stayed in touch with Khayree though, and yesterday he hit me up letting me know about a series of podcast tributes to himself, Sam Bostic, Mike Mosley, and E-A-Ski & CMT. The show is hosted by Ya Boy Black Ice who is from Richmond and either lives or broadcasts out of a station, 187 Radio, in Paris, France. Each show runs about an hour, and chronologically plays through select joints from each respective artists discographies.

Start with Khayree, and then peep the rundown of the other shows here.

Khayree and The Lover Twins

Welcome To Scokland
November 17, 2008, 10:42 am
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I picked up a side job writing bios for the Bay Area based label Ehustl (major propers to Michelle from Audible Treats for the hook!). At the moment, I’m piecing together a little something for a group consisting of Keak Da Sneak, Q-Z and Baby S (think Kurupts, “We Can Freak It”) and their album Word Pimpin 2. The album is cool, but I’m really looking forward to the next project with San Quinn and Keak for their collaborative project Welcome To Scokland. I’ve only heard one song, “Back To Life,” and if it is a sign of things to come the Bay has something to look forward too. You can peep the album art and tracklist below and “Back To Life” after the jump.


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Tha Dogg Pound w/Turf Talk – “Ya’ll Know What I’m Doing”
November 15, 2008, 10:45 am
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You read that correctly.

Vodpod videos no longer available.