Kevin Johnson Gets Greasy
November 3, 2008, 2:53 pm
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Although Kevin Johnson is running for Mayor of the city I currently reside in (Sacramento), he will always be Kevin Johnson of the Suns to me. In fact it was only a couple days ago that I realized how hypocritical I would be to vote for him on the strength of his prowess at the point. I’ll admit it holds some weight, but for some reason this story from Saturday rubs me the wrong way.

To summarize, Kevin and his driver went to the Mayors office on Saturday while it was closed and talked the security guard into letting them in and taking a tour. It’s a public office, but on his tour Kevin went into the current Mayor’s, and his rival on tomorrows ballot, private office and made it a point to sit in her chair.

The whole thing is funny, but there is something pretty slimy about it that I don’t think is necessarily a good quality for the Mayor of any city, let alone the capitol of California, to posses. Normally I wouldn’t care enough to write about it, but it’s Kevin Johnson from the Suns!!!


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Off topic but didn’t he have a mini scandal with a teenage girl on some R Kelly mess? Maybe I’m confusing him with someone else…

In other news look, a Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf siting! Haha.

Comment by fakehustle

kj is running for mayor?!!?!? you should also remember him as a california golden bear!

Comment by diane


Comment by Patrick The Alchemist

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