On The Steps Of The Capitol
November 5, 2008, 3:51 pm
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For weeks I had planned that upon victory I was going celebrate on the steps capitol building amongst hundreds of other proud Americans. When I showed up at 10, the scene was not at all how I pictured it. The hundreds were non-existent, and the only other people who thought it was a good idea to express their jubilation was a group of about 50, all parading “Yes on 8” signs.

The company I was with didn’t think it was a good idea to cross the picket line, but I was hell bent on standing on the fucking capitol steps. I paid the people no attention as I passed by, and 300 feet ahead I noticed that two very young girls had strayed from their pack and were giggling as they placed a sign on the front door to the building.

Once I got to the oh so glorious steps, it was pretty lonely. I stood there for a couple minutes, watching the shiloute of a ignorantly blissful mob cheer as some guy in a Honda laid a patch. I had to share the moment with my friend Erik, and while talking to him I realized I couldn’t ignore them when I walked back. My motivation isn’t clear, but as I approached the group I began yelling.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, let’s hear it for the new President of the United States Barack Obama. He’s a dignified man who is going to change the fabric of this society…” and so on and so on. The boos and fuck yous came immediately, but in a fun way it inspired me more. As I reached the middle of three lanes on Capitol I turned to them, with the glowing building as the backdrop. It was at this point in which someone from the crowd yelled “terrorist.” I started laughing hysterically and jumped into the role of an auctioneer, asking them if I could get another “terrorist.” They obliged.

Erik, still on the line, hinted that I should probably leave at this point.

And now I know how good it feels to be Ted Dibiase.


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This made me chuckle. Nice blog Corey, keep up the good work man.

Comment by pr3mise

you’re crazy. i’m glad you didn’t get arrested.

Comment by ghost

yeah, this story is great. terrorist steal shoes outta truck beds. believe that.

Comment by Patrick The Alchemist

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