November 9, 2008, 10:35 pm
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I need to unearth and digitize my interview with this dude. It was one of those situations where I didn’t even need to ask questions, he took it upon himself to put me on game. The piece ran as a Re-Up sidebar for a Clipse feature, but just as he has proved with his music, Sandman ain’t an Odom coming off the bench.

Even before the interview Sandman always stood out to me as a lyricist, shining and stealing songs from the two brothers I hold in high regard. When he spits, I believe him. He doesn’t over exert with the delivery; his boasts come across as casual fodder, and while the word play is sharp he makes rhyming sound like second nature. Street and lyrical are often polarizing traits these days, but Sandman brings it all to the beat, from pushing and busting to looking in the mirror. A real throwback, true to life MC if you ask me.

Gianormous, aside from being an ill title, is an ill tape that showcases an underground vet cursed by being too dope. There is a sample below, but follow the jump for the full disc.

Sandman-“1212 (Birth-Code of Hip-Hop)”

Taking the Peedi Peedi tapes out of rotation…


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