E-40-“Give Her The Keys”
November 12, 2008, 7:31 am
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I was dumb enough to think that the Akon laced “Wake It Up” was a supplement for a T-Pain appearance.

I want to blame Warner for this bullshit, but I also have to put some of it on 40. He’ll sell some ringtones and get a little airplay (mostly regional), but I don’t see why a seasoned veteran who built his career off of being unique is playing so heavily into the trends. The formula didn’t work all that well last time, and I don’t see it happening with this one.

40, let me A&R you’re next shit and let’s get back to making another classic. First order of business, running with the Verbal Vomit album title…

E-40 w/T-Pain-“Give Her The Keys”


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Yeah man I felt that Akon really didn’t give him a Suacy hook it was cool but it seem like he didn’t really put too much in it like on some other tracks you hear him on and the beat could’ve been a little more tighter for a Boss like E40!!!!

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