187 Radio Tribute To Khayree, Sam Bostic, Mike Mosley and E-A-Ski & CMT
November 18, 2008, 5:59 pm
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It is almost two years ago to the day that I conducted one of my favorite interviews, with one of my favorite producers (and I mean that in the truest musical sense) ever, Khayree. For a bunch of different reasons the piece has never been published, but I still haven’t given up hope. Over the years I’ve stayed in touch with Khayree though, and yesterday he hit me up letting me know about a series of podcast tributes to himself, Sam Bostic, Mike Mosley, and E-A-Ski & CMT. The show is hosted by Ya Boy Black Ice who is from Richmond and either lives or broadcasts out of a station, 187 Radio, in Paris, France. Each show runs about an hour, and chronologically plays through select joints from each respective artists discographies.

Start with Khayree, and then peep the rundown of the other shows here.

Khayree and The Lover Twins


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Thanks for the article in your blog. It’s always good to have an extra pair of legs to keep the awareness going.

Our listeners really enjoyed the “Thanksgiving Season 2008”. It is my pleasure to research and play all of our Golden-Era Bay Area sound. And eventhough, I was actively rapping during the Golden-Era, the series was truly, for me, a personal learning experience.

Thank you again.

and Big Shout Out to Khayree for passing the word.

Ya Boy Black Ice (aka YBBI)
Everything Starts at Travlyrics.com

Comment by Ya Boy Black Ice (aka YBBI)

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