Billy Ripken Bat…If You Ever Collected Baseball Cards You Already Know What I Mean
December 9, 2008, 2:52 pm
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As a young kid this was a big deal. I remember one card shop having a sticker over the bat only fueling the curiosity. Even when I knew what it said, just seeing the words was great. 20 years after Billy Ripken played himself into the role of the eternal fuck face, he spoke to CNBC about the card that gave people a reason to mention his name.


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That link just made my day. I have the black box version, but I remember trying to gyp my buddy out of the real deal to no avail. On a related note, how much of a bummer is it that baseball card collections are worth about 1/100th of what is was worth in 1995? That shit was supposed to be my college fund man.

Comment by Daniel Taylor

Thanks for this one. Just forwarded the link to my dad. I remember when he came home from work when these came out with a photocopy of an orignal card so he could show it to me.

Comment by eons

haha– hadn’t heard about this!

Comment by dumbworldorder

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