From Journalist to Publicist
June 30, 2009, 8:21 pm
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The blog has been laggin, with the exception of my past two posts about drummers, but I’ve been doing everything but that.

Much like I wished, writing has slowly faded out to strictly a  hobby, and just as that happened a new door opened. As of Saturday I can now officially claim to be a publicist. A few posts back you’ll see the post with Stres of the Federation (now solo under the guise 1st Place Muzic), and unbeknownst to me that would be the first step in a new direction. Long story short, that song was added by a Rock radio station and syndicated over 65 stations across the US. One thing lead to another and after many converstaions, Stres and I agreed to terms and signed a contract to really put things in motion. I’m real pumped for the oppurtunity and anxious to see where things go. Things will really kick off next week, with a couple song leaks, pictures and videos so stay tuned. I have a lot of ideas, which is never my problem, but implementing them and seeing them through will be the challenge. I’m ready though and confident that by the end of summer 1st Place Muzic won’t be a mystery.


Max Roach’s Stolen Drum
June 30, 2009, 7:04 pm
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I’m a little late on posting this, and if the story interests you you’ve probably already read it, but nonetheless here it is. In short, legendary drummer Max Roachs’ drum kit has been missing for decades until now in a somewhat Scooby Doo ending.

…goes and throws on Brilliant Corners

The Karriem Riggins’ Virtuoso Experience
June 26, 2009, 2:42 pm
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I knew I had to check Karriem Riggins on his two day stay at Yoshi’s in Oakland. For weeks I procrastinated and pretended I couldn’t swing it, but made a decision late yesterday it absolutely had to go down. It was the best decision I have made in a minute.

I have never seen a more technically flawless and down right funky drummer like Karriem. The patterns and syncopation dude was laying out combined everything I love about Jazz and Hip-Hop drumming from 3/4 rhythms to syrupy neck snappers.

As the Karriem Riggins’ Virtuoso Experience (backed by piano/Rhodes, vibes and bass) he led the ensemble though numbers from cats like Elvin Jones and Burt Bacharach and then later collaborated with DJ Dummy for an equally amazing Dilla set.  Considering the events of the day it was only fitting for a Michael tribute, and Oakland’s own Goapele helped out with a chilling rendition of “I Can’t Help It.”

It was an all around amazing performance. The Mochilla crew was in the building filming the whole thing so hopefully the rest of the world can witness the magic that took place.