Bored Stiff Interview
July 1, 2009, 6:31 pm
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This was supposed to be for SmokingSection but it didn’t quite work out the way I planned. I put a lot of work editing this piece down into three parts. Below is my  introduction that was supposed to lead into the video.

” During the mid to late 90’s in the Bay Area there was a underground renaissance fueled by the independent spirit of groups like the Hieroglyphics, Living Legends. With the aforementioned holding it down on the Oakland side of the bridge, Bored Stiff  was their San Francisco equivalent. Arising from the Lower Haight district, Bored Stiff boasted six MC’s and two producers  each with a different style and approach to their art. From scholastic to street scholars, the culturally diverse collective was young at heart but mentally years beyond their time, filling their music with insight and foresight void of pretentiousness. And like all great Rap music the beats knocked; unpolished and dusty, melodic and hypnotic.
Since their debut Explainin dropped in 1995 Bored Stiff has put out a handful of albums and EP’s, but picked up the momentum in 2007 with their release From The Ground Up. Ever since it’s been music as usual, following through with the The Sad Truth, arguably their best album in an extensive discography (this coming from a long time fan). Members have come and gone throughout the years, but the essence of the group remains. With the core members Equipto, Mint Rock and White MIC carrying the torch Bored Stiff is back and working as hard as ever expanding on their legacy, building and creating music for all to enjoy.
It was only fitting to link up with the Stiff in the dark, musty, milk crate insulated concrete basement studio where the group sharpened their chops and still refine their skills today. In this three part video interview Equipto, Mint and MIC scrape the surface of the groups history and where they are at today, coincidentally while working on a song called “Hard Work.” They’re not your everyday blog fodder, but if you ask me that’s all bullshit. Dope music is the key to longevity, and Bored Stiff has just that.”


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mr. video editor, you know what would be a dope interview? Queezy’s dad on jazz in the filmore

Comment by dap1

WOW! I agree with “dap1” that would be a great interview.

Comment by Professor X

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